59 Best Relationship Advice for Men

What are the best relationship advice for men that most people do not know?

Do you know that 10% of people are not happy in their marriage?

I mean practical real relationship advice that really works?

You see if you are like most people, you might have at one time or the other Google “relationship advice” but the problem is that most of the relationship tips you will hear about are not practicable.

When as a real man, you are confronted with relationship issues with your spouse, wife or girlfriend, then you will see the need for a relationship advice that can work

The good thing is you do no have to wait till you have relationship problems to start using some of the advices you will see in this article.

Best Relationship Advice for Men

  1. Commit only to a lady if you are interested in her
  2. Create spectacular memories with her
  3. Love her
  4. Be interested in her and the relationship
  5. Be consistently consistent
  6. Respect her and the relationship
  7. Be honest
  8. Be understanding
  9. Motivate her

Most of this advice is going to help you not make the mistakes that others have made in their lifetime. The advice is gotten from experts who have years of experience in dating and today, we present you this advice free.

  1. Commit to a lady only if you are interested in her: The first rule of dating is to make sure that you only commit to someone who you really love. You see, solid relationship are built when you genuinely interested in someone and not when you just want to have a fling with her or just have sex with her. Let the foundation of your relationship be based on the fact that you genuinely want to know her and interested in her, then you can build a foundation from there.

  2. Love her: The mistake most men make in a relationship does not love their women. If you have not heard the following before, then you need to pay good attention to it. If you want women to be committed to you, then you need to “give her enough money, love her and make her sexually happy”. Of course, all this is relative but the most important thing is to bring out the best in your woman, is to love her alone. Make her feel love and appreciated at all times both in private and publicly.

  3. Be clear: Women are born to take clue and lead from their partner. If you love her, she will respect you and love you back in ways you cannot even understand but only when you are clear. Do not assume she will understand your clues or signals. If you don’t like something about her, make your point in clear times.

  4. Be consistent: Consistency is key to getting a result in anything and it is not truer anywhere else but when you are in a relationship with a woman. You need to be consistent in your habit, in your showing love to her, in things you do not like. If you don’t like lying, then at all times, do not make exceptions. Be clear and consistent.

  5. Be honest: Honesty is the #1 deal breaker in a relationship with a woman. Women love people who are transparent, honest and they can rely on. You see the problem is no matter what you tell her, she will remember. While men are not very good lairs, women have good retentive memory. So if you do not want her to start doubting you, then you need to be very honest with her in all your dealing.

  6. Be committed: You cannot be committed to a cause you do not believe in. Understanding and making someone your perfect woman do not happen overnight. You need to realize that this is a long time journey and only committed can see you through.

  7. Respect her and the relationship: Respect her and also respect the relationship. When you respect her, you won’t treat her badly in front of people. When you respect the relationship, you won’t cheat on her with anyone. And the funny good thing about respect is that it is reciprocal. If you respect her and the relationship, she will dot on you

  8. Be understanding: Women are creatures of emotion and you need to be understanding. There are times she will want you to just be close to her or simply hold her. There will be times she just wants to talk about nothing in particular.

  9. Motivate her: If you want the best in your woman, then you need to motivate her. There are different kinds of woman, those who take initiative and those who look up to their partner for inspiration. If your woman falls into the second category, then you need to constantly motivate her emotionally, physically and spiritually.
  10. Inspire her: Inspiring her to be better than she was yesterday is one of the best things you can do for your woman. And do you know the greatest source of her inspiration? You! Your woman will look up to you for inspiration and this means you also have to inspired yourself to be able to inspire her. Find out what drive her, and then help her bring out the best in her.

  11. Understand her: Do you know the secret to understanding a woman? It is to simply listen to her. You need to hear beyond what she is saying to what she is conveying and if you want that to happen, then that means you need to be a very good listener.

  12. Prioritize her and the relationship: No woman want to play second fiddle and that includes playing second fiddle to your family, career or businesses. The secret is to always find time for her no matter how busy you are.

  13. Stand up for her: If you don’t stand up for her, you will? No one. Which is why you must believe in your woman enough to stand up for her at all times. Yes she might not be right most of the time but it is not your duty to disagree with her openly.

  14. Talk to her: Men communicate differently from women. Women talk more openly and freely about issues and are usually more expressive but men tend to be at the other side of the divide. But if you want your relationship to last long, then you need to learn how to talk to her.

  15. Listen to her: Listen to what she is saying and the thing she is not saying. The secret to properly listening to a woman is to actually pay attention to what she is communicating verbally and non-verbally. If she tells you, you need to talk, and then make time out for that.

  16. Tell her about your dreams and fears: If you want to build a relationship that is strong, then you need to be able to have a dream. You not only should have a dream, you need to be able to tell her about your dream and only then can she be committed to it. But the mistake is not only telling her about your dreams. After all we are humans. Tell her also about your fears, aspiration and much more. Communicate it to her and you will be shocked how much support she will give to you.

  17. Be selfless: Selfishness is the number one deal breaker in any relationship. While some people are not selfish when it comes to money, they may be selfish when it comes to emotionally needs. Be selfless and less self-centered and you will be surprise to see that she loves and adores you more than anything else in the world.

  18. Be more: hands on with chores Don’t just be a man who only job in the house is to provide for the family, then sit downs and spend hours watching sports or news on the tv. Women loves men who can help them with the house core or better put, women loves men who are useful around the house. Help out with the dishes, throw way the bin. Just be useful

  19. Look after yourself: This should be a no brainer but you will be surprised at the great number of men who after they found their “love or special one” suddenly stopped taking care of themselves. Hygiene is important and so also is your well-being. Be healthy, smell nice and look nice for her and she will keep falling in love with you over and over again.

  20. Make her feel special: Remember to make her feel special always. This includes telling her how much you love her , showing her how much you love her and caring about the things she cares about. Understand her love language (put link here) and learn to speak it.

  21. Give her gifts: Everyone loves gifts but women appreciate gifts more. Sometimes it is not about waiting for the big event like birthdays and anniversaries before remembering to give her gifts. Simply picking up her favorite snacks on the way from work can work wonders for her and for your relationship.

  22. Put some efforts into doing: The thing for her Learn how to go out of your ways to do things for her and this has to be a conscious effort. Don’t do things for her that does not cost you. Put some efforts into doing things for her that you know she will appreciate.

  23. Don’t try to solve all her problems: Most men think they are god sent to women and they try to solve all their problems. That is a major relationship mistake if you want to grow your relationship. Don’t try to solve all her problems. Sometimes all she needs you to do is simply listen to her, understand that the problem exists and then advise her. If she needs you to solve it for her, she definitely will tell you so stop playing god in her life.

  24. Give her room to be herself: People grow when they have room to expand, to reflect and to think. Stop being all pushy and all over her all the time. Women and even men needs room to explore and be on their own. Give her some girl time to spend time alone with herself and even her friends. Let her have a hobby she does that you are not involved in.
  25. Communicate properly: 90% of relationship fail due to lack of proper communication. A good communication happens when the other party understands what you are saying and not when you have spoken. Learn to communicate clearly.

  26. Set boundaries: A home without boundaries is a home where anything goes. Learn to set and respect boundaries. During courtship, take about the things you do not like her to do and learn to always respect it all the time.

  27. Don’t be taken for granted: No matter how much you love someone, never let them take you for granted. Humans have their option and as such should always be respected.
  28. Don’t take her for granted: In the same light, just because she loves you do not mean you should take her for granted. She is human and deserves to be treated rightly all the time every time.

  29. Allow each other time out with friends: As much as you might love her and want to be with her, you need to realize that she also have friends who are or were part of her initial life and they are not going to disappear overnight. This is why it is important that you allow her time to spend with her friends.

  30. Be present: Be physically present. The problem most times is that sometimes we are in the same room with someone but we are not there. For you to strike a code with your partner, you need to always be present when you are there.

  31. Be supportive: Every woman wants a supportive partner around them. Often times, supportive needs to be active but in other times, it is all about being passive. There are different ways to be supportive of your woman in a relationship but one great way to start doing this is to really start celebrating her success. Remember you guys are not in a competition.

  32. Pay attention to her dreams: Pay attention to your ladies dreams and help her achieve her dreams. Most people dream but we all want someone we can dream with. Learn what her dreams are and then help her to achieve to them. Playing a huge role in her dreams means she is likely to build those dreams with you which means you are likely to be in her future.

  33. Cheer her on: Do you know who her #1 cheerleader is? You of course. If you don’t cheer her on, no one else is and when you cheer her, you learn to bring out the best in her.

  34. Be confident: Of the many traits women love, it is that of a man who is confident of himself. Being confident does not mean to be arrogant. It simply means believing in yourself, your ability and not being egocentric.

  35. Have fun: Dating should be fun. If you are dating someone and it is not fun, then you need to check clearly and be sure that the relationship is the right one for you. Find fun things to do together. If she has games she loves to play, and then learn how to play it. Take time to go out together once in a while and have fun.

  36. Don’t lose yourself: The temptation to be all lovey doffy can be strong and sometimes because we care about our partner, we start losing all our individualities. Unfortunately, this individuality is what attracted you to her in the first place. Yes there is a time and space to giving up on bad traits but don’t be so engrossed in the relationship that you love your individuality. Remember it is not about being one, it is about learning to understand that we are different and finding strength in their differences.

  37. Be reliable: Be reliable at all times. DO not be like the weather which is unpredictable. When you are reliable, she is going to love you because she can predict you. She can predict how you will react in certain circumstances.

  38. Be dependable: Be someone that can be trusted and dependent on.

  39. Include her: in your plans Learn to include her in your plans at all times. This means letting her know what your plans are and what her role is in your plan. If you are planning on building a relationship that last, then the importance of her in your future must be known otherwise she will start questioning what exactly she is doing in your life.

  40. Be spontaneous: As much as you want to be predictable, don’t be too rigid in your ways and thinking. Learn how to be spontaneous and bring spark to the relationship. Not everything has to be planned well ahead. Sometimes, just a 5mins plan get away can go a long way in bringing the spark into the relationship

  41. Be kind: If there is any other trait that women love in a man, it is a man who is kind hearted. This means someone who treated the janitor the same way he will treat a president. You must show kindness to her, her family and also to everyone around you.

  42. Don’t be insulting: Do you know the fastest way to demoralize a woman and make her lose interest in a relationship? Be abusive and insulting to her. Never ever raise your hand against her and never ever raise your voice talk less of using insulting words

  43. Let her know her opinion count: No matter how silly you think she is, always let her opinion count. You may not act on it in certain circumstances but what is worse is not asking her for her opinion about issues that matters to you, to her and to the relationship.

  44. Be trustworthy: of her Trust is crucial if you want to build a relationship that last long. And that means being able to trust her and also be someone that can be trusted.

  45. Be thoughtful: Be thoughtful and make time for each other and yourself. There will be things to do and if you have kids, then you can understand how stressful it can be. But when you are thoughtful of each other, you will find ways to find little times that you can spend together.

  46. Fighting: doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed Couples fight. In fact couples fight all the time. Therefore fighting does not mean the relationship is doomed except when you start to fight dirty. Learn that disagreement is going to be a part of the relationship and people disagree to agree. Do not let your disagreement leads to physical fighting or emotional abusive and when you fight, learn to apologies for offences.

  47. Don’t let issues fester: Have you heard the saying “do not let the sun goes down on your anger”? Then you will see the importance of resolving issues fast. Whenever there are issues, you need to learn how to solve them and not let them fester.
  48. Do not interrupt her when she is speaking: No one loves to be interrupted when they are speaking and worse still, no one loves to be dismissed when they are speaking. Learn to listen to her speak.

  49. Stay positive: Be someone who is positive always and let your positive shown. Believe in the dream you are building together.

  50. Be a gentleman: Be a gentleman. Forget the popular opinion that women love bad guys. Yes, women might like bad girls because they bring out a part of them but when it comes to someone they can take home and build a life with, every sane woman prefers a gentleman.

  51. Be genuine: Buying a fake product can be heart wrenching, so also is dating someone who is not genuine or who lives a fake life. Be honestly open to each other. If you know that there are things that can cause issues in the relationship, talk about it ahead. At least let them know and let them decide if they still want to progress with the relationship or not.

  52. Have a self-esteem: No one wants to date someone with love self-esteem. Therefore as a man you need to constantly being your self-esteem and the best way to do this is to set and achieve goals that you set for yourself.

  53. Don’t stop dating her: Never ever stop dating her. Remember those things you used to do in the early days of your relationship that makes her fall in love with you. Always try to do them and even do them better. Don’t make the mistake of saying; oh she is finally mine so I can now live my life the way I want.

  54. Open up to her: Always learn to open up to her when there are issues biting you. Talk to her as a friend, mother, sister and let her know that you appreciate and love her for who she is and the role she is playing in your life.

  55. Give to her without expectations: Give without expectations. The worse gift anyone can give is a gift that was given because you wanted something from the person. Give her the gift of love, appreciation and make sure you do it without expecting anything in return.

  56. Appreciate her: Appreciate her for the little things she is doing. Learn to pay her compliments and be nice to her. If there is any skills you know she is good at, encourage her to do more of it and then tell her how wonderful she is at doing it. She will build herself confident and make her like you more.

  57. Be faithful: The importance of being faithful cannot be over rated in a relationship. In fact one of the major leaving causes of breakups and divorce in most relationship is when one or both partners are unfaithful.

  58. Intentionally create memories with her: Intentionally create memories with her. Do fun things together, go places together and do stuffs that matters to her. Let it be that the most treasured moments of her life are those moments she spends with you.

  59. Be her best friend: If you want her to build a lasting relationship with you, then you need to learn how to be her best friend and the best way to achieve is not only to listen to her but also talk with her. Ask her questions about herself, what she is doing, what she has done, what she intends to do and as you do this, she begins to see you as her best friend who she can trust and be open with

If you want to be a man in a relationship, then you need to pay attention to these relationship advices for guy listed above. Remember that in a love relationship, you often get output based on the type of input you did.

Now over to you, which of these relationship advice are you going to start implementing in your relationship today.

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