7 Facebook Groups to Get Great Relationship Advice

Where do you go to for the best relationship advice?

Well, if you are like everyone else, probably one or two relationship blogs here and there. But what if I tell you that there are great Facebook group where you can get great relationship advice.

You see, Facebook has grown from more than a place to just post the latest cat meme or what you had for lunch yesterday. With over a 1 billion people and counting, Facebook is the de-facto place where older generation and some new millennial hang out.

Not only is Facebook population exploding but also there are more than Facebook group that exists. So how do you know the best Facebook group to join for relationship advice.


#1. Relationship Advice and Love Stories/Entertainment


Members: 42,519

Owner: Sorav Jain

Type: closed







#2: Female in Nigeria (FIN)


Owner: Lola Omolola

Total Number of Members: Over 1 million members


Type of Group: Invite only

It’s an all women group which acts as a haven where todays woman can share stories and seek advice without being stigmatized. The group has over 1 million members; to control the huge following, the group has governing rules which include no judging and no religious based advice.





#3: Confessions of a Married Woman



Total Number of Members: Over 50,000 members


Type of Group: Secret group, join via invite only

Confessions of a Married Woman is one of the most popular all-women Facebook group in Egypt. The online support group targets married women giving them the freedom to discuss problems affecting their marriages including cheating spouses, abuse, financial difficulties and even taboo topics like sex.







#4: Kilimani Mums Nairobi


Total Number of Members: 200000 and above


Type of Group: Closed

This is a Kenyan based Facebook group open to fans from all regions within Kenya. Different from what the name suggests, it’s open to both mums and dads. It offers advice on different topics among them relationships, family life, pregnancy & birth, financial matters and parenting.



#5: Relationship Guide Review



Total Number of Members: Facebook fans 5,605

Blog: relationshipguidesreview.com 

Type of Group:

Relationship Guide Review is a blog which also runs two active social media channels. It is the to go to page for love, marriage and general relationship advice. A lot goes into ensuring that any relationship survives, these includes proper communication skills with your significant other, and this is what the blog is all about. sharpening those skills. You can follow them on Facebook and twitter for updates and such.



#6: Seyiblog


Total Number of Members: Facebook 225

Blog: seyiblog.com.ng

Type of Group:

Seyiblog like many other relationship blogs offers advice on relationship matters. It is owned by a professional who prides himself in doing research on relationship matters. To get counsel and relationship advice follow the facebook page. *







Total Number of Members:


Type of Group:


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