9 Tips to Help You Build A Healthy Relationship

How do you build a healthy relationship?

What are the top 9 tips for a healthy relationship?

You see love is a beautiful thing and relationships are great.

Knowing that you have another person in your life that just gets you, desires to make your life better, ready to accept all your weaknesses and serve as a companion is the best feeling in the world.

Most relationships suffer from different things eg cheating, lack of sex etc

We all naturally crave that connection with another human being and enjoy knowing that we have that in a relationship. However, sometimes, in relationships, things go wrong because the parties did not handle what could have otherwise being handled right, well.

This list will help you with tips that will help you nurture and have a relationship that is strong and healthy.


Love yourself: You are probably wondering why this is even in the list at all because it is, after all, a list to help you keep a healthy relationship with another person and not yourself. Yes, true. But the issue is that you cannot truly love another person without first loving yourself. The only way you can show another person so much love they deserve is if you can give yourself the love you deserve. It is really simple that you cannot give what you do not have. So if you don’t know how to love yourself, you cannot love another. The advice will be to find yourself, love yourself before giving yourself to another.


Communicate: The importance of communication in a relationship cannot be overemphasized. It probably sounds like cliché when communication appears in every tip to having a good relationship that you come across but it isn’t. It is actually real that no relationship can survive without proper communication. Talk to your partner and be ready to listen as well. Silent treatment and expecting your partner to read your mind is not healthy for your relationship. Talk to them politely if you are upset, have doubts or have an issue about anything. Tell your partner what you expect and be ready to listen to theirs as well.


Honesty and transparency: A lot of relationships are breaking as a result of lack of honesty and transparency. Honesty and transparency are similar but different. Honesty is telling the truth about what you are asked and transparency is opening up about the truth your partner needs to know. Transparency is the remedy for keeping secrets. It is always better for you if your partner hears whatever the issue is from you instead of from an outsider. And when you are faced with an option of either saying the truth or lying, stick with the truth. Many lies because they are scared of rejection, the one who really loves you will appreciate your honesty.


Seek to understand: For many of us, it is easier for us to reject than keep an open mind and understand where another person is coming from. It is proven that man is innately selfish. However, if we want to make a relationship work, then sometimes, we have to keep an open mind and see things from our partner’s point of view. A relationship where one or both parties always insist on their way is headed for the rocks. Open your mind, put yourself in their shoes and try to understand.


Create healthy boundaries: A lot of people make the mistake of wanting desperately to be one with their partner that they lose their sense of individuality when in actual sense, the beauty of a relationship is two people coming together to appreciate their similarities and respect their differences. It will not threaten the survival of the relationship is both of you have a life outside of each other, within reason. You can go out with friends or even personally without each other, you can enjoy separate hobbies and make time to enjoy it individually even as you also come together to enjoy it. Basically, you don’t have to be Siamese twins with your partner.


Learn forgiveness and ask for forgiveness: A successful relationship is a relationship with two people who can forgive. One of the ways to maintain a successful relationship and keep it from falling apart is to have a forgiving heart and not keep grudges in your heart against your partner. In the same vein, learn to apologize and ask for forgiveness. If you are at fault, then that is not the time to be proud, humility is what will save your relationship and not pride. And even if you are not at fault, sometimes, peace is more important than being right. You can initiate the conversation to talk through your hurts and forgive each other.


Support: You should be each other’s backbone and as a couple, you should win and lose together. An encouraging word of support even when things are not moving in the right direction for your partner will go a long way in rekindling hope in their heart. And when they are winning, you should be their biggest cheerleader.


Be romantic and creative: Another problem with many relationships is that once the relationship has been stabilized and you know you are going steady, a lot of us start taking our partner or relationship for granted. So, we no longer see the need to spice things up and make the relationship interesting like we did when we were dating. But you have to continually water the relationship with romance and creativity, no matter how silly it sounds sometimes. Send each other silly messages during the day, take the day off to just spend with each other, buy each other gifts, surprise each other with something the other person likes; all these strengthen relationships.


Seek to know your partner: People are different and individual react to things differently. Seek to know your partner as an individual and deal with your partner based on that. Don’t compare your partner or relationship with another; get to know your partner instead. The only deal breaker is if you are not treated right but if you are, then allow your partner be the unique individual he/she is.


Relationships are hard work. Use this top tips to help you build a healthy relationship. As long as we are willing to put in the work, then we are more likely to reap the fruit of a healthy relationship.

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