Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts Ideas 2020

What are some of the best long-distance relationship gifts to give?

Nothing is more terrible than the thought of physical separation from the one we love, especially when we are so connected and we consider the person our soul mate.

Sometimes, distance makes our hearts cherish the ones we love; it makes them grow fonder in our hearts.

However, long-distance relationships can also be challenging and problematic if the two people involved do not work hard at love. 

True love is sustained by commitment no matter the distance between the couple but in a case where the distance is inevitable, more level of commitment is even more necessary.

This is one of the roles exchanging gifts play in a long-distance relationship; it is showing your partner that although you are apart, they are constantly in your heart.

What Is The Best Gift For Couples In A Long-Distance Relationship?

So what are the best gifts to send if you are in a long-distance relationship? To make it easy, I have classified them into different groups.

10 Best long distance relationship gifts for him

  • Headphones
  • Charging Stations
  • Artworks
  • Clippers
  • Perfume
  • Home Accessories
  • Wallet
  • Docking stations
  • Personalized Leather Bags
  • Wristwatches

Head phones: Headphones are great; it is an essential phone accessory in this time and age.

Charging stations: If you have a phone, you might as well have a charging station and imagine being the one to buy that for him.

Artworks: Artworks are great because they are sentimental. If you can pick an artwork that communicates your feelings and he is someone that appreciates artwork, you are good to go.

Clippers: It is useful for men to own their clippers even f they visit barber shops because it is safer, so getting him ones shows you care about his health.

Perfume: Buying him men perfume or cologne shows you care about him smelling good.

Home accessories: Home accessories that men will enjoy like desk pad, valet organizer will be well received by your boyfriend.

Wallet: It is common knowledge that wallets are important to men and giving something like that will be appreciated.

Docking station: Men like their gadgets and they will always appreciate one.

Personalised leather bag: Personalised bag for work or travel will always be a good idea as a gift.

Wristwatch: There is hardly any man that doesn’t like wristwatches, so you can’t go wrong with it. If you are wondering what to buy, a wristwatch is always a good idea.

Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts for a Girlfriend

  • Phone Holder Beg Gooseneck Mount
  • Personalized Jewelry
  • Bouquets of Flowers
  • Travel Bags
  • Bond Touch Bracekets
  • Multi Picture Frame
  • Lamp
  • Blanket
  • Cakes
  • Clothing

Phone holder bed gooseneck mount: This is a very good gift, especially, in this time and age of technology. Your girlfriend will appreciate having a phone holder.

Personalised Jewelry: A lot of women like jewelry but a type of jewelry engraved with her name, initials, or beautiful words that mean something to both of you is a price.

Bouquets of Flowers: Imagine how women in movies feel when they get flowers from the man they love, that is the same way many women love to receive flowers from their men in reality.

Bond touch Bracelet: Bracelets are cute and women and men, alike, happen to love them.

Travel bag: Travelling is a major part of being in a long-distance relationship, so providing her with a travel bag will just make traveling easier.

Multi picture frame: This is beautiful because it can be placed on the wall as a decorative piece. Imagine her having multiple pictures documenting memories with you on her wall.

Lamp: Lamps, especially, bed lamps are beautiful decorative figures and they are also essential.

Blanket: This is like you keeping her warm even in your absence with a warm blanket.

Cakes: Most ladies truly like to be gifted with this especially coming from the one whom she loves. It has a way of buttressing your love for her.

Clothing: Without mincing words, most ladies love to be gifted with clothes, especially, women who are really into fashion.

Cute Long Distance Relationship Gifts

Stuffed Animal: Women, especially, will appreciate stuffed animals for cuddling.

Scented Candle: Scented candles smell nice and they are also great as decorative pieces. Imagine your lover perceiving the sweet fragrance and thinking of you.

Coffee Warmer: This coffee warmer device keeps coffee warm but the main beauty is that it is portable and beautiful. If you have a coffee lover as a partner, you know what to do.

Customized engraved keepsake and paperweight: This item is decorative but it is also beautiful for communicating how special your lover is to you.

Stainless Steel Tumbler: It works because your partner can take it to work or travel and you can have it customized with beautiful words.

Luxury glass dome: This is a beautiful decorative piece that is definitely a cute gift option to consider. It comes in different shapes and some come with flowers. If your partner is into decorative pieces, they will love this.

Customised jewellery: Men and women alike will enjoy jewelry, especially, if it is customized to show you put some thoughts into it.

Burrito blanket: Burrito blankets are in the shape of burrito and look like it as well. They are very cute and a female partner, especially, will love it.

Shoes: Shoes are not only cute but they are essential. You can never go wrong with getting a shoe, especially if you know the type your lover would appreciate.

Gold rose flower with stand: This gift idea is cute because rose really is cute but it also comes with a beautiful stand. The gift just screams cute.

Best Tech Gifts for a Long-Distance Relationship

  • Countdown clock
  • Airpod
  • Airfly
  • Mobile Photo Printer
  • Hair Growth Device
  • Walabot See Through Wall
  • Portable Battery charger
  • Smart Portable Speaker

Countdown clock: A countdown clock is a clock that helps you countdown to any event on your calendar. It provides the ease of not having to check the time and know immediately the time left before any particular event. The beauty of this gift is that it is unique.

Air pod: In these days of technology, an air pod will always be appreciated because it is beautiful, portable, and effective.

Airfly: This is great for travelers because it helps your partner use their wireless headphones in airplanes and other places that only have a headphone jack.

Mobile photo printer:  We take a lot of pictures with our phones. Gifting your lover with this will make it possible for both of you to have many pictures you can print at a go to preserve your memories together.

Hair growth device:  Women, especially, will appreciate this device that helps with hair growth but even men can be gifted this.

Walabot see-through walls: See-through walls allow you literally see through walls, they are sometimes images or devices. This will be a good gift for tech-savvy people.

Portable battery charger: Battery chargers are very useful in countries that don’t enjoy constant power supply or for traveling. If you have a partner that travels a lot or lives in one of these countries, this will be a good gift.

Smart portable speaker: Smart speakers are beautiful because they offer virtual assistant services and sometimes, even company. It is a great gift idea for a partner that enjoys gadgets.

Tile slim anything finder: This gadget is beautiful for finding keys, phones or wallet if you lose them because it points out their location. Who wouldn’t want a gift that is so useful? 

Magnetic levitating globe with LED lights: It is beautiful for creating a beautiful visual effect and it is also great as a decorative piece.

Long-distance relationships are not as impossible as we like to think. If you can put in the work, it will work out well, so start by spoiling each other with the right gifts.

Why Sending Gifts In A Long Distance Relationship Is The Best

  • Gifts communicate our feelings to our lover. Communication is important in all types of relationships but even more so in long-distance relationships, intentional communication is even more important. Communication, however, doesn’t always have to be vocal; sometimes it can be through sending gifts. Sending gifts is a sign of commitment that can ease the challenge of distant relationships, especially.
  • A gift has the capacity of uttering words beyond what the lips can express.  It can remove fear, doubts, anger, and suspicion that often well up due to lack or reduced physical contact. Though distance makes the heart fonder, this doesn’t get to happen automatically. Gifts are one of the secret codes.
  • Gifts have a way of bringing our abstract lover into concrete reality in our hearts. Gifts carry the heart of the giver. This makes us keep seeing them in what has been sent. A gift is one way to bury ourselves in the heart of our lover no matter the oceans and lands that separate us.  Our gifts can water our garden of love in our absence.
  • Gifts bring our hearts closer to the one we love; it has a way of communicating to your lover that distance means so little because they mean so much. The gifts sent show the level of commitment and the readiness to fight for love.  It inspires a deeper connection within and sending needed items, especially, as gifts help to fill any vacuum created by long distances.
  • Gifts can fill possible vacuums created by distance if channeled well enough. Loneliness is a dear old friend who comes by every once in a while but in long-distance relationships, loneliness is even more prevalent. There will be times when loneliness comes visiting if you are not in constant physical contact with your lover. But imagine having something that makes you remember your partner or warms your heart because you got it from your partner. So, think about giving your partner that succor as well. Keep in mind that even if your partner is not physically there, you can feel their love through the gifts and memories you have shared.

How to Choose the Perfect Long-Distance Relationship Gifts

A lot of people think it’s simply about gifts.  It’s actually more than that; what kind of gifts are you sending? Is the gift really touching the heart of your lover?  Is the gift timely?  Does the gift express the love language of your lover? Is the gift according to your understanding of your lover’s desire? Is the gift not completely out of place?

These and many more questions are questions you should ask yourself before sending a gift because you don’t want to simply order an item, you want to touch the heart of your lover. So, how do you ensure this happens?  Here are some tips to bear in mind.  

#1: Choose according to their gift language 

For people whose love language is gifting, then you still need to realize that there is something called gift language. This is always a product of upbringing, environment, personality, and preferences. Some people will cherish clothing, some jewelry, some books because they are bookworms and some, memories. It is not enough to understand the love language; we must also acknowledge the gift language of our lover and use it as a means of constantly warming their hearts. 

#2: Choose what is according to the gender of your lover

You should put the gender of your lover into consideration when picking a gift. This can influence the color of what to buy and the type of gifts too. Gifts can be masculine or feminine, especially, if you have a lover that conforms. Sometimes, some people prefer things that are not considered conventional and so that should be considered as well. Don’t buy your boyfriend a game console because he is a man, he might not be into it and your girlfriend might not like pink just because she is female.

#3: The immediate need of the lover

For a lover who is about to sit for an exam in a distant place; a reading lamp, wristwatch,  alarm clock, etc may be perfect if they lack and need one.  Timely gifts are like waters to a thirsty ground.  It might not be something they would like or their cup of tea on a normal day but the fact that they need it will make it even more special.

#4: Choose what your lover can represent you with where he or she is

When we are in a long-distance relationship, it is advisable to do things that make our lover carry our hearts along as they go.  This, we can do by sending gifts that will make them remember us or something that represents what our relationship means to us.

#5: Choose what can reflect memorable moments spent together in the past

Think about the places you have been to, the things you have done together and you can send them a gift that will represent those memories. It doesn’t have to be something expensive; it just has to mean something.


How can you rekindle love in a long-distance relationship

You can rekindle love in a long-distance relationship by making sure you try to keep things as fresh as possible while also engaging in some long-distance relationship activities

How do you prove you love someone in a long-distance relationship?

Try to understand their love language. Some people’s love language varies from sending gifts, the act of service, and much. You can see some long-distance relationship gift ideas here.

Can long-distance relationships last?

Yes. The success rate of long-distance relationships is around 58%. You can see some other long-distance relationship statistics.

How can I surprise my long-distance boyfriend?

A lot of ways but one way to do so is to send him some long-distance relationship gifts.


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