18 Most Common Relationship Problems Couples Face

Do you know that 1 divorce happen every second in America?

And, that almost 60% of second relationship also ends in a divorce?

That is why it is crucial to identify and fix relationship problems before they happen.

Every relationship had its ups and downs but when it comes to building a successful relationship, there are some relationship problems you should not allow to fester unchecked.

If you ignore then, these relationship problems are capable of bringing the whole relationship down.

I know what you are thinking…

What exactly are these relationship problems and how can I prevent them from ruining my relationship?

That is what I will show you in this article.

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Without much ado, here we go

18 Top Dangerous Relationship Problems You Should Be Preventing

1: Lack of communication:

One of the most important ingredients of a relationship that is likely to succeed is communication. In a recent survey, it was discovered lack of communication is one of the major reasons most relationship breaks up.

Communication is key if you want to have a long lasting relationship and you should not take it for granted if it is lacking in your love life. Unfortunately, most people think that communication is all about talking and spending time with each other. Sometimes, people are together in a room yet they are not communication. Happy couples talk about everything and share everything. Happy couple spends time together with no distraction. That is what communication is all about. Communication is being present and being there.

2: Sexual incompatibility:

Sexual incompatibility can be a major cause of worry in a relationship. When you have a relationship where the two partners have different libido or see sexual activities differently, then there is likely to be problems in that relationship. 

One of the major symptoms of sexual incompatibility is resentment and anger toward your partner.

There are tons of reasons for sexual incompatibility in a relationship. Some of the common ones include

  • Your partner finds sex not as important as your think
  • Your partner’s sexual preferences is different from yours
  • Your partner does not exist you
  • You rather prefer to have sex with someone else
  • You find yourself fantasying about someone else during sex with your partner

Any of the above signals can be a cause of sexual incompatibility with your partner. When such occurs, you find yourself preferring to have sex with someone else outside your relationship which could lead to cheating, lying and a lot more. However, most sexual incompatibility can be solved when you know how to bring back the spark into your sexual relationship.

3: Infidelity:

Infidelity is a major cause of concern and one of the reasons why most relationship crash. No one wants to be with a serial cheater. The major challenge is there is no one way street to cheating.

According to a recent piece, we discovered that women cheat as much as men in a relationship. The major difference is that when a woman cheats she is likely not in love again with her partner whereas a man can cheat and still be in love with his partner. Infidelity is a major relationship problem and should be addressed as soon as possible.

4: Being too close apart:

Being too close apart can be a major cause of worry when it comes to building a successful relationship and that is one of the major reasons why there are problems in some relationships. 

Most people think that they are close to their partner but unfortunately, they are far apart even though they can sometimes be in the same room or close together.

5: Being too close together:

I know you want to be close to your partner.

I am sure you are thinking that it is one of the best things that can happen to your relationship.

But here is the shocker. Being too close together can sometime ruin your relationship.

Choking can happen in a relationship and sometimes can lead to serious problems in the relationship. It might sound fun to be with your partner, see them every day and even every time but guess what; you might be indirectly turning that person away from you.

Individual and couple space should exist in a relationship and there should be boundaries. Learn to spend time with other people and giving your partner time to be on their own might do you more good  than harm

6: Boredom:

Most people are bored in their relationship. While boredom might appear like married couple’s problem, the truth of the matter is that most singles are also bored.

You see, being bored might happen for a lot of reason like lack of communication which we spoke about much earlier. However sometimes being bored might happen when the other person is either not available or when they are available, they are not considerate of how and what the other person is feeling

7: Domestic abuse:

Sexual abuse, physical abuse and domestic violence are a major cause of concern and should not be tolerated under any guise in any kind of relationship. In fact domestic abuse is a relationship problem that should be treated not with kid gloves.

8: Irresponsibility 

Act of irresponsibility is another major issue that affects the rate of success in a relationship. When it comes to successful relationship, there are commitment levels that are required by people who are in a love relationship.

Problem starts when people start acting irresponsibility, dodging their responsibility or making unnecessary demand from their partners.

9: Addiction:

Addiction to pornography, cheating, food and other forms of addiction are leading relationship problems couples should not allow to fester for too long.  Most addictions are serious issues and not be treated with kids gloves.

Addiction to pornography, alcohol, and drugs is something you want to talk to a counselor about and how you can help your partner to overcome it. During our counseling sessions, we have been able to help people overcome pornography addictions

10: Financial stress:

The global world is changing rapidly and money matter can break or mar a relationship. With increase in spending and low income for most family, money is a major headache most couple faces and it can lead to serious relationship problem.

The major cause of financial stress in a relationship is when one or both partner is either financially reckless or non-supportive.  Every couple should go for money management tips.

11: Lack of support:

Lack of support from partners can lead to stress in the relationship. One can chase a thousand but two will chase ten thousand.

That is what happens when there is support in the relationship and the opposite is also true when there is lack of support from one of the partners in a relationship.

13: Constant bickers:

Continuous fighting, disagreement and quarreling is a relationship problem that might have deep root in foundational issues of the relationship.

Couple quarrel but when couples cannot recon their difference, then there is bound to be tension in the relationship.

13: Insecurity:

When in a relationship, we want to be secure. Insecurity in a relationship is not all that bad. It is okay to feel insecure once in a while but when you feel insecure most of the time or you have this constant feeling of insecurity in your relationship, then it becomes a major cause of concern.

A lot of reasons can be responsible for insecurity in a relationship. Lack of self-confidence, lack of self-esteem and sometimes individual background can all be causes of insecurity in a relationship. Sometimes insecurity can arise as a result of action and inaction of someone’s partner.

What the cause, insecurity should be addressed as early as possible in the relationship to prevent your relationship from crashing.

14: Resentment:

Resentment in a relationship can appear when one or both partner feel cheated, angry or think that are they are treated unfairly or that your need is being ignored.

The need for a partner to feel always right or when you constantly put your partner down privately or publicly can feed the resentment monster in them.

15: Family issues

One other relationship problem that can ruin even a beautiful relationship is third parties such as family, friends and noisy neighbors.

We always want our family and friends to approve of our partners. This is not bad as it can help cement the relationship but what happens when they do not approve of our choice of partners.

16: Lying:

It is essential to build trust in a relationship; therefore it is bad when lies exist in a relationship. Unnecessary secrets and lies are things that damage our reputation and can damage a relationship beyond repair.

Lying is a relationship cancer that can lead to infidelity because the moment you start keeping something from your partner, the more you open up your relationship to influences from other sources. Honesty should be highly encouraged in a relationship and there are no lies that are too small or too big.

17: Over dependence:

Most people make a mistake of thinking that someone should be responsible for everything that happens in a relationship. So they depend on their partner for their happiness, their financial stability and a whole lot more.

While this is not bad, over dependence on your partner for anything, even happiness is creating a breeding ground for resentment. People will only be happy in a relationship when they realize that happiness comes from within and when you are happy is when you can make other happy.  When it comes to happiness, I always remember this great quote by Dale Carnegie which says that “Happiness does not depend on any external conditions; it is governed by our mental attitude.

18: Physical appearance issues:

You may be wondering how physical appearance can be a relationship problem but I have seen it ruin more relationships than the cars on the road.

You see most people judge their partner by the books. They want the kind of body people in Hollywood have yet they forget that 90% of the times, this people are acting.

Having a good body is good. But desiring it when you don’t have it or blaming your partner for their bad look is simply stupidity. If you cheat on your partner or condemn them because of their physical appearance, then you are building on a foundation that is false and can damage what would have over wise being a perfect relationship

Final Words

Let me guess what you are thinking…

With all these mentioned relationship problems, should you leave a relationship if you see any sign of one of them in your relationship?

For starters, abuse in whatever form and chronic cheaters are enough justification to leave a relationship. No game playing on those two.

For others, while, you will have to decide if you can work it out with your partner. However, whatever you do, do not think you can change anyone. People hardly change.

I would advice should you notice any of these signs of a failing relationship, you should take actions to resolve them before they become a monster that consumes the love relationship you have.

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