How to Know If A Guy Secretly Love You

It’s a common question that comes to mind especially when you are dealing with a shy person.

Although, shy people are adorable. But at the same time, they are extremely hard to read.

Hence, it becomes very difficult (and important) to know what’s going on in their mind.

Here’s the deal:

When a person is shy it becomes very difficult even to approach them and get to know them.

It’s possible that someone might have a mad crush on you but still you are not being able to know it because of their distant behavior.

That is why, I’ve listed out some important psychological signs that will tell you how to know if someone loves you secretly whether he’s a guy or a girl.


To make this easy,there’s a ‘How to know If Someone Loves You Secretly Quiz’ later in the post to help you find out your answer!

First, let us talk about guys.


In case you are wondering how to know if a guy loves you secretly, then it’s not that difficult at all. If he loves you, you will know it right away.

However, if you are clueless, these 10 signs are a sure way to tell that he is into you.

How To Know If a Guy Loves You Secretly With 10 Signs

The question is: How do you know someone loves you even if they don’t say it?

With no further ado, here’s your answer.

1. He Doesn’t Show Interest

This is a technique guys often use.

This technique can be called “Playing Hard To Get”.

Whenever a guy likes you, he acts completely disinterested.

When you try to start a conversation he will lean back and give you short answers just to avoid you.

These mixed signals tell that he is trying to hide the fact that he finds you attractive.

If he is really not into you, he will stay neutral.

2. His Body Movements

Whenever a guy likes you, his body movements and posture are a great way to tell if he is into you.

It doesn’t matter if he is at the far end of the room talking to his friends, his body will always face towards you.

You will notice that his feet and his chest will always point towards you.

Even if he shows that he does not know you are here.


Another way to observe is that he leans in towards you while talking.

Even if he can clearly listen to you he will still lean in just to be closer to you.

This shows he wants your undivided attention.

3. He Stalks You On Social Media

He tries to be in contact through social media.

He adds you on Facebook, follows you on every social media account.

His sole intention is to get in touch with you and get to know you better.

He tries to find similarities between you two to build a solid foundation of a relationship.

If he starts sharing and commenting on your posts, this means he is serious about this.

4. He Becomes Self Conscious

It’s easy to tell if a guy becomes self-conscious when he comes in front of you.

He fixes his messed up hair, straightens his shirt, stands tall with wide shoulders. All this effort is just to impress you.


He might brag about himself so that you get a good impression of him.

If you feel a slight awkwardness when you two finish talking, it’s a good indication that he is thinking about something what to say next that impresses you.

5. He Agrees With Everything You Say Or Do

It does feel great to be always right.


Nothing can make you happier than the fact that someones always agree with whatever you say.

He might have some disagreement with your decisions but he will still take your side in every argument and discussion just to prove that he likes you.

6. He Checks You Out

This is totally a guy thing.

Whenever they like someone, they check them out.

Like every bit of them. From head to toe.

Here’s the deal:

It’s natural for a guy to stare at someone who they find attractive.

They may be sneaking a peek at you while you are looking away or stare at your girly assets. It’s something they just can’t control.

If he stalks you on social media as well as in reality, this is one of the signs that someone really likes you.

7. He Becomes All Nice

This is easy to tell if that guy is near you or works with you.

All of a sudden he becomes nicer to you. He offers to help you with your work. He pays your small bills.

He becomes complimentary too. Whether it’s about your looks or something you have done, he will always praise you.


Guys seldom praise a girl if they are not interested in them.

If he praises you, this means he is interested. This is one of the signs a man loves you but is afraid to take the move just yet.

8. He Slows Down For You

It is not the pace of the relationship we are talking about here, it’s the speed of walking.

Since, men and women have different anatomical structures, which results in the difference of walking pace between them.

Women have shorter legs which is why they have to walk quickly to keep up with a male counterpart.


When a guy is attracted to you he lets go of this genetic advantage and moves at a slower pace to walk beside you.

9. He Synchronizes Himself With You

When someone finds you attractive, his bodily movements, reactions, postures, and manners becomes just like yours.

He tries to sync with you. This is an unintentional behavior of guys when they like someone.

For example:

He takes a sip of his drink when you take a sip, he sits back whenever you sit back, he will do all such things without even realizing he is doing it.

Hence if someone copies your bodily movements and behaviors, it tells if someone likes you but is hiding it.

10. He Says Your Name Quite Differently

It’s a common human behavior:

People subconsciously change their voice tone when they talk to someone they like.

They use a lower-pitched voice indicating that this conversation might lead to something else.


You might notice, people who aren’t interested in initiating a conversation with you will try to avoid addressing you with your name.

On the other hand, people who like you will use your name as much as possible to connect with you on a more personal level.

If he addresses you by your name throughout a conversation, it can be a sign that he loves you secretly.

Still unsure?

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