Everything You Need to Know About Reddit Relationship Advice 2020

Reddit relationship advice is subreddit is a place to get relationship tips and advice from real people.

Problem is:

There is good and bad advice.

But first.

Can you remember the time when the majority of our conversations were physical? If you were born in the 1980s or early 90s, you will relate more with the fact that apart from letters, our interactions had to be physical.

Now, things are different with technological advancements and the introduction of the World Wide Web. The world has now become a global village, especially due to the advent of social media.

Social media has made it possible to interact with anybody and seek advice from anybody in a different part of the world from you. While you can do that with practically all the social platforms, there is only one that claims to be ‘the front page of the internet’ and it’s called Reddit.

What is Reddit

Whether you have heard of it before or not, REDDIT is one of the trendy social platforms on the internet today. It is a social community website of sharing contents which could range from images, pictures, texts, to mention but a few.

It is a forum where users can talk about virtually anything you can imagine or think of. Yeah! You read that right.

Reddit users are often called REDDITORS. It is a social news site where members submit articles that are voted up or down by other members or users.

Reddit was founded by two University of Virginia roommates in 2005 but acquired by Conde Nast Publications in 2006. There are many unique features of this platform that is a never-ending point of trends.

For instance, cake day is used to celebrate the day your account was created on the platform. Reddit conducts global meet up days and also Reddit Gifts Programs.

Reddit has been used for many fundraising purposes, activism, political campaigns, and protests.

For instance, have you heard of the March for Science that took place in 2017? It originated from a Reddit discussion. It released its own applications on Google Play and Play Store in 2016.

What Are SubReddits?

To avoid jumble up of contents and allow for a well-organized space since Reddit is known for its diverse nature, posts are organized into different groups using a system called SUBREDDITS.

They are forums dedicated to a particular topic. Each SubReddit covers a wide range of topics ranging from news, games, movies, politics, science, music, books, sports, fitness, cooking, pets, pictures, future, Gifs, photoshop battles, technology, and a host of others.

SubReddits can be called ‘sub-communities’ of a big whole community.

Posts that are submitted on SubReddits are voted on and one could get positive votes (also called upvotes) or negative votes (downvotes).

The number of positive or negative votes will determine the visibility of content on the site. If a post gets a lot of upvotes, it moves up in rank and becomes more visible for people to see.

However, the reverse is also the case, meaning if you get a lot of downvotes, your content moves down the rank and becomes less visible.

If you do not have a registered account and you visit the Reddit website, the front page will display the most popularly ranked posts sweeping through each SubReddit.

Do you know that you can create your SubReddits? Yes, you can but only if you are a registered member.

SubReddits are supervised and monitored by moderators.

Each SubReddit has its own rules and regulations that must be followed. Moderators are volunteers, who are unlike the paid Reddit site administrators.

SubReddits names start with “r/”. For examples, r/NatureIsFuckingLit, r/Instant_Regret, r/Renewableenergy, r/PhotoshopBattles, r/IAmA, r/AskScience, r/DataIsBeautiful, r/ListenToThis, r/Books, r/Games, r/TodayILearned, r/Videos, r/BigSEO, r/Marketing, r/LifeHacks, r/Nutritional, and millions of others.

These SubReddits have made it easier to serve more purposes and aid organizations in the massive community.

It also makes it easier to find content on your preferred topic of interest. Some people might think some SubReddits are unnecessary, but that is where choice comes in. The idea is being able to wade through and find the SubReddit that suits your interests and needs.

How many SubReddits Do We Have?

Over the years, different kinds of SubReddits have increased in leaps and bounds. There is hardly any topic you want to find, that you would not be able to get a SubReddit for, even if you are an eccentric person.

There are a host of uncommon themes of SubReddits like r/AnimalsWithoutNeck, r/PeopleWithBirdHeads, r/MyEvilPlan, r/FearMe, r/BreadStapledToTrees, r/MonksLookingAtBeer, and r/OldSchoolCreepy amongst others

It can be difficult knowing the exact number of existing SubReddits per time because SubReddits are created and deleted almost every day.

According to Redditmetrics.com, on July 21st, 2020; 2,119 SubReddits were created. According to the same site, on that same day, the number of existing SubReddits was at 2,257,563. According to Foundation Inc, Reddit gets more than 46,700,000 searches in a day.

Common Reddit Slangs and Terms

  • KARMA: Every user has Karma points. It is estimated by a user’s contents and comments. If you get lots of upvotes, your Karma points go up, if you get downvotes, your karma points go down. However, it has no value per se; so one should not worry much and just have fun.
  • AMA: This means, ‘Ask Me Anything’. Just like its name, it means someone who volunteers his or herself for questioning. There is a SubReddit exclusively for it: r/AMA. Many celebrities, even former USA President, Barack Obama, have participated before.
  • OP: It means ‘Original Poster’ in a thread.
  • TIL: It means ‘Today I Learned’. It has a SubReddit too, called r/TodayILearned
  • Reddit Premium: It is a site membership program. You get it for six dollars ($6) per month. There are many benefits for Reddit premium users such as access to r/lounge: a secret SubReddit; opportunity for a user to gain some supply of coins, cancellation of ads and other benefits.
  • ELI5: This means, ‘Explain Like I’m 5 years old’. It is used to ask for simpler explanations for complex topics and questions.
  • EDIT and ETA: ETA specifically means ‘Edited To Add. Just like its name implies, it is used when people edit a post or comment
  • Flair: Some Reddits require that you add flair to your submissions, which basically identifies the specific thing you are talking about. For instance, in the gadgets section, your flair can be phones, electric appliances, to mention but a few.
  • TL; DR: It simply means, ‘Too Long, Didn’t Read’.
  • NSFW: This means ‘Not Safe For Work’. This is because the post is affixed to contain a sensitive or explicit comment that cannot just be viewed anywhere.
  • Mod: A SubReddit moderator.

How to Ask for Relationship Advice on Reddit

Reddit is one foremost platform where people seek relationship advice on matters ranging from simple to complex. So far one has questions; there will at least be one Redditor to answer.

Some SubReddits that can be used to ask for relationship advice are:

However, the first two are recommended since they are more specific to the kind of questions you are asking. From observation, r/relationship is perhaps the best because the rules are less strict than r/relationship_advice.

Get familiar with the general REDDITETIQUETTE of the Reddit site. Since each SubReddit also has its own rules, get familiar with them too.

One rule for r/relationship posts is that they must include age and gender in the post when asking for advice. For instance, ‘My partner (M) (25) cheated on me (F) (22) during a pool party…’

To ask questions, click on ‘Create Post’ under the SubReddit title and description. Remember, contents can be in text, images, videos, or links. However, almost all relationship questions are in text form.

Why Do People Take Reddit Relationship Advice Seriously?

Reddit allows for anonymity.

In the real world, talking about relationship issues can be hard. It can leave one ashamed or scared of being judged and in some cases, it can come with devastating consequences.

Even though many comments can be weird and downright funny, but they are still better than talking in real life for most people.

Reddit creates an enabling environment where people can unburden about relationship matters.

In fact, r/relationship, whose mission statement is actually “helping those in need”, prohibits advocating violence, bigoted languages, gender stereotypes as well as victim-blaming.

Most people have gotten the push they want from Reddit. A moderator of r/relationship (as interviewed by wired.co.uk says;

“Sometimes, they [OP] are genuinely looking for input…but quite often they are looking for someone to push them over the edge”.

Despite hosting different kinds of people, Redditors actually provide support and most comments on relationship questions have been able to figure out how to properly approach their problems. Many users have attested to this.

And it is pretty amazing how strangers can come together to show you support and give you advice that can either strengthen your relationship or make you see different perspectives to make an informed decision that is healthy for you.

Reddit relationship advice has turned out to be unexpectedly wise in many cases.

Let’s hear from you. Have you ever asked for relationship advice on Reddit? Would you say it helped you in your relationship and do you think Reddit lives up to being the front page of the internet?

PS: If you don’t like to get advice from anonymous people, then you can book a counseling session here with me.

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