26 Relationship Advice for Women That Works

What relationship advice for women is working today?

If you are wondering which best relationship tips works for women who wants to build a successful relationship, then you are not alone.

This is because according to research, today’s average relationship is 4 months


If you are lucky, yours can last for 2 years and that is extremely getting shorter.

Which is why it is important to know the best dating advices for women that can make your relationship last longer.

You see most people struggle with their relationship because they follow the wrong tips and advice. Most of these advices are usually wrong because it is given from the perspective of the person who is giving you the advice.

However, if you want a piece of advice that can make you better in your relationship as a woman then you need to follow the following best relationship advice for ladies that we have put together.

Mary thought her relationship was failing and heading for the rocks. But after some counseling sessions, she was able to pinpoint exactly what she was doing wrong and was able to turn her relationship around.

You can be like Mary and wait till you are able to find out but if you are like me, I will prefer that you learn from the mistakes of other. 

That is why we are distilling this set of relationship advice that you can start implementing right now to help you build a better lasting relationship.

Here are the top relationship advice for women you need to follow for a successful relationship

  • Don’t give up your life for your relationship
  • Give him some space
  • Respect him
  • Don’t be too needy
  • Make sure you are not hallucinating
  • Be realistic
  • Make sure you are in love with him
  • Be supportive
  • Be ready to pick up some bills
  • Don’t forget anniversaries

1: Don’t give up your life for your relationship

I see a lot of women make this mistake all the time in their relationship and that is why it is important to talk about it as early as possible.
Don’t for whatever reason give up your life for the sake of the relationship. Yes, there are times you need to adjust but remember that the number one reason he loved you in the first place was simply because of the person who are. If sometimes down the line you now change all in the name of keeping the relationship, then there is every potential that there will be trouble sometimes along the line.

This includes not giving up on your dreams, your career, your family and a whole lot.

2: Give him some space

Most relationships fail because we become overbearing. At the initial stage when the relationship is just starting, you might be lovey all dopey over each other but try to remember that we are humans and every human want to have some space to him or herself. Don’t go all we must do this together, we must do that together.

3: Respect him

Men love to be respected and hero-worshipped.  And if you remember the popular saying that “respect is reciprocal”, you will know how important it is to respect your man. Even the Holy Bible says that women should respect and submit to their husband. If you want peace in your relationship you need to know and learn how to respect him and be submissive to him. Submission does not mean allowing you to be treated badly or like a slave.  And if you want him to respect you and treat you like a queen, then you need to also start respecting him. This includes the way and manner you talk to him both in private and in public. The main problem with respecting is that we tend to respect people in public but bash then in private. This is not going to cut it.

4: Don’t be too needy

Eden does this, Eden do those? That is just a recipe for disaster. Being needy in a relationship is a sign of weakness and does not usually end well. Yes, you need him in your life. You need him to be responsible for you emotionally, physically, spiritually but that does not mean you need him for everything. If you really want your relationship to last, you need to learn to start doing things for yourself. Tell him about it, seek his opinions but let him know you are in control of it.

5: Make sure you are not hallucinating

Most people think they are in a relationship until they suddenly realize that they are hallucinating. This is why it is crucial if you want a successful relationship, you need to make sure that you are not the only one in the relationship.

I heard a talk the last about how you are the only one in a relationship. This is true most time. In 80% of cases, people feel the other person is in love with them when actually, the other person is just using them to pass away time.  So make sure you two are really deep in the relationship and you both want it to succeed. If you are not sure, you can take this relationship quiz. We also have a list of relationship questions you should be asking.

6: Be realistic

Being realistic is the first step to having a meaningful relationship. There is no one who is just perfect.  If you want a perfect relationship, then maybe you should not be in a relationship at all. Forget all the hype and things you watch in the movie or see online. Every relationship has its own problem and what most successful couples have learnt is how to solve and move beyond it.

7: Make sure you are in love with him

Do you really love him or you are in the relationship for what you can get? Most ladies love because they are insecure. Some because they are needy in different ways. But the best way to have a good enduring relationship is to love him simply for the fact that you know him. You can check out this link that tells how to know if you are in love with someone or simply wasting your time.

8: Be supportive

At the heart of it all, every man wants to be pampered, cared for and supported. If you think you found a macho man, then maybe what you found is a weakling who is scared of showing you a part of him. Learn to support his dream and aspiration.

9: Be ready to pick up some bills

There are tons of pressures in today’s world and one of it is financial problems. While most financial problems are caused by lack of adequate planning and financial carelessness, sometimes this burden can be reduced if the woman learns to pick up some bills. It may be impossible to do this if you are still at the early state of your relationship but sometimes simply offering to pay for your date out can help in ways some ladies might not have imagined.

10: Don’t forget anniversaries

For women, anniversaries are a big deal and sometimes for some men, it is also a big deal. That is why it is a good thing if you can remember your anniversaries and make something interesting out of it. SO do you remember the

  • First time you met?
  • The first time you kissed?
  • The first time you had sex? (provided it was not awkward and ended well)
  • The first time he told you he loved you?
  • His birthday?
  • His parent’s birthday?

The key to making this anniversaries help your relationship is not about making it a big deal. Eg birthdays might be a deal if you want to celebrate but things like the first time you started dating might just be something to remember him about and probably have a drink to.

Making sure you do this will make your relationship less boring and probably add some spark to it.

11: His friends are not your friends

His friends are “well not your friend”. While you might seek approval of his friends, it does not mean that they should be your friend. Respect his friends respect their boundaries but that is as far as you should take it. Do not get into the illusion that all of his friends must like you. 

12: Make sure you respect his family

Family is everything. While today’s modern world is changing, men still care about their immediate family. Depending on your culture, take time to know his family and respect them. You don’t have to turn into a slave for them but respect them. When they come visit, be a good host and move out of the way. Except when required, do not get into their discussion or simply maintain neutrality

13: Love yourself

You can give what you don’t have. You can’t love someone without loving yourself first. That is why self-love is an important ingredient in a relationship. If you feel useless, abusive, lack, you will translate this into whatever relationship you are in. So learn to love yourself, accept yourself as you are and do not let anyone make you think or feel otherwise.

14: Dress well

Do you want to be addressed the way you are dressed, then you need to dress appropriately well.

15: Take care of yourself physically, emotionally and materially

No one is going to approach you if you appear needy and mentally and physically unattractive and that is one reason why the girl who seems to be the most beautiful in the room attracts the attention of the best male. For you to be desirable you need to really take good care of yourself.

16: Be confident

There is a difference between being confident and being arrogant and the line is so tiny most times you may not see it. Build your confidence level. One simply way to do that is to ensure that you follow point 14 above

17: Be human

You are human right? If someone wants to date an angel, then you are perfectly not the right person for it. So learn to be human. Cry if you have to, show your weakness but do not take it for granted

18: Communication

Communication is one of the main ingredients to successful lasting relationship.  The problem with communication is that it is not easy to get it but when you do, and then you can build better bonding with your partner. A good art of communication is about being understood by the next parry and not about having passed your point across.

19: Make time for him

Timing is an essential component of a good relationship. You need to make time for him. Spend enough and quality time with him so that you get to know each other better.

20: Command your respect

Don’t allow you to be treated badly or to be made inferior for whatever reason. Command respect in the way you act, think and behave

21: Don’t try to change him

Do you hate alcohol? Do you hate people that smoke? Then if you find yourself in a relationship with someone that exhibits an habit that you do not like, then it is better to quickly get out of it if it is something you want to last. People hardly change and it is practically impossible to change anyone.

22: Be the person he fell in love with

Between the times he fell in love with you and now, what has changed. Are you the same person he fell in love with or have you changed? One way to make your partner withdraw from you is to change from what he used to know.

23: Be the better version of yourself

The only constant thing is change and the way to change for good is to always be a better version of you. Do not just be the same person he met yesterday. Always strive to be improving in areas where you can. This includes taking up new habits, going to the gym etc

25: Nagging is a No No

Women nag. Men hate nagging.

Don’t nag him whatever the excuse or reason might be. If there is any important issue or there is a situation you do not like, talk about it. When it becomes repetitive it can be mistermed as nagging so you need to be careful

26: Don’t bring your past mistake into the present relationship

A lot of people fail in their current relationship because they think the same thing that happened in their last relationship is going to repeat itself. So they kind of carry all the negatively of the last relationship into the new one. The problem with this approach is that they become so blinded they are not seeing the new relationship for whatever it is.

27: Be appreciative

If you want someone to do something more for you, then learn to appreciate them. Appreciate him in different was and not only when he gives you gift. And if he gives you gift, no matter how bad it is, learn to say thank and not use that as an opportunity to immediately ask for more.

Building a great relationship takes a lot of work but with these set of timeless piece of advice, you can quietly and consistency build the kind of relationship you want.

Now over to you.

Which of this relationship advice for women are you going to implement to start making your relationship better today?

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