Sexual Tension Signs: 18 Clear Cut Signs of Sexual Tension

Looking for sexual tension signs?

No matter what happens, for a relationship to exist or be successful between two people, there must be some signs of sexual tension between them.

The major challenge then is how exactly do you know if there are signs of sexual attraction between the two of you?

Don’t worry.

We are going to talk about this and much more in this article that shares clear signs of sexual tension between two people.

But first, let delve into what exactly is sexual tension.

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What is Sexual Tension?

Sexual tension is a sexual desire for someone that has probably not been explored.

When talking about sexual attractions, some people would say a man is a sensual being. It is normal to have sexual desires and very abnormal not to have it.

However, sometimes, that feeling is directed to a particular man or woman. That feeling is called sexual chemistry and it often happens when people desire a love relationship.

Talks of sexual tension come up when we are talking about a man and woman who are yet to have sex but have a strong desire for each other.

Their body naturally reacts to that desire in certain ways, which can be regarded as the signs of sexual tension.

There are different ways we react when there is sexual tension and sometimes, recognizing this can be tricky.

This is why we have taken time to highlight the signs of sexual tension between a man and a woman. Combine the tips below together with the signs listed here to determine if its time to make a move.

18 Signs of Intense Sexual Chemistry between A Man and A Woman

  • Flirting

The first sign that there is definitely sexual tension is when you find yourself flirting. Even if you don’t know how to flirt before, if you have sexual feeling with someone, you won’t be able to help yourself and it will come naturally.

  • Eye Contact

Another sure sign is that both of you will always make eye contact; it simply means that you are both noticing each other and your eyes, which is said to be the mirror to the soul, is communicating the feeling you are both feeling to each other. Even if you are in a room full of people, you will always find each other out and make eye contacts.

  • Subtle Touch

This touch is wanton but subtle. If you find yourself lingering when you mistakenly touch them or after laughing at a funny joke and you see the same in the other person, it definitely means there is attraction between both of you. Subconsciously, you always want to find an excuse to touch each other.

  • Awkward Conversation

This is easier to notice if you are a talker and are hardly speechless. When there is sexual tension lurking around, you find that you stumble over your words, lost for words or say the most ridiculous things that you wouldn’t normally say.

  • Become a Teenager All Over Again

Yes, sexual tension takes you back to your teenage years and you keep wondering why you are acting 16. It seems sexual tension is no respecter of age; it definitely makes you act childish and do certain things you were sure you had outgrown.

  • You Stare

Looking at people is normal but usually, we have to see something that interests us before we stare. The interest might not be sexual but if you feel sexual attraction when you keep staring, then it is definitely sexual tension. Staring always at the person is definitely a sign of sexual tension.

  • Tensed Atmosphere

Even the atmosphere testifies to sexual feelings, so much that people around might even notice. Whenever you are together, if there is usually a thick feeling in the atmosphere that cannot be explained, you both have sexual tension going on.

  • Daydream

If you are daydreaming about someone and it is largely sexual thoughts, it is a huge sign of sexual tension. You sit at work or trying to do something and you completely blank out thinking about making out with them or even have sex with them, it means there is sexual tension between you two.

  • Self-consciousness

Many people pay particular attention to how they look and act around other people, but if there is sexual tension, the self-consciousness will heighten. You will make sure to dress well and act properly so you can attract and not repel the person.

  • Leaning Towards Each Other

When you are together and speaking, your body will more likely gravitate towards each other than away if there is sexual tension between you two. It’s just your body’s way of reacting to the attraction.

  • Enjoy Spending Time With Each Other

You always want to be around the person and spend time together.  You might not even have spoken before but you want to be around them. There is something about them that makes you feel happy, so you always seek the feeling.

  • You Feel Butterflies

We can probably all identify what having butterflies in your tummy means. Your heart flutters and you have that giddy feeling when you are around them or think about them.

  • You Always Register Their Presence

It is amazing how this happens but if there is sexual tension between a man and a woman, they always feel it in the atmosphere when the person comes in. It doesn’t matter the number of people in the room, once you are sexually attracted to someone, there will be an awareness that tails their presence.

  • Others Notice

A lot of times, other people not directly involved usually notice what we are not yet privy to or we are trying to pretend about. When people start talking about what a wonderful couple you will make and you look good together, it means there is something going on.

  • You Tease Each Other

This is similar to flirting but it is especially true for men. When you find yourself playfully teasing the person to get them to blush or smile, then there is a most likely sexual attraction there.

  • Horniness

What better way to know you are attracted to someone than when you feel horny around them? Your body hormones immediately react to the attraction and you find yourself feeling sexual whenever you are around them.

  • Smile and Laugh A Lot

There is likely sexual tension between you two if you cannot stop yourself from smiling and laughing. Even when what you are discussing is not particularly the funniest thing, you are smiling and laughing a lot.

  • Mirror Body Language

There is definitely sexual chemistry if your bodies are so in tune with each other that you are mirroring or imitating each other’s body movement or you both notice any change in the body movement; it simply means that your bodies are communicating and it is a loud sign there is sexual tension in the room.

If you experience one or two in isolation, you might want to hesitate to be sure but if you experience a good number of the signs, you should find out if there is more between you both than sexual tension.

What is Sexual Tension?

Sexual tension is a sexual desire for someone that has probably not been explored.
When talking about sexual tension, some people would say a man is a sensual being. It is normal to have sexual desires and very abnormal not to have it.

How Do You Know If Your Are Sexual Attracted to Someone

There are tons of ways to know if you are sexually attracted to someone. If you noticed any of the following signs between you and the person, then you may be sexually attracted to the person.

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