22 Warning Signs Your Relationship is Failing

What are the top signs your relationship is failing?

“My relationship is failing” screamed Betty.

And worse thing is, she was not sure what to do about it.

Betty has two options:

  • Should she save a failing relationship
  • Move on

There is a quote that says that “people who make all the decisions in a relationship are usually the ones that will blame you when things go wrong”

I love that quote for various reasons.

You see, relationships break up for different reasons and great relationship advice is rare.

Some will break up because one of the partners cheated in the relationship.

Other for different reasons why may be good, some bad, some well for dating the wrong person.

In all of these, one thing is constant. If you look closely, you would have seen one of two signs that the relationship is not going to work out as expected. Most times, these relationship are toxic relationship.

You see, when we first start a health relationship with our partner, we want it to have the happily ever after ending the story.

We longed to be able to look back over the years and tell stories of how we were happy and how we stayed with our partner over the years.

Unfortunately, this is not the same for everybody. Some people enter into a bad relationship.

It is estimated most 70% of all relationships breaks up after one year.

The main challenge is that most people see some of the signs but still fail to admit it which eventually when the relationship breaks up leads to more emotional trauma.

To avoid this trauma and all the heartache that goes with a broken relationship, I have listed 22 major signs that can tell you when your relationship is failing.

Top 10 signs your relationship is failing

Here are the 10 warning signs that your relationship is failing. If you see any of these signs, then it might just mean that your relationship is failing and you need to act fast if you want to keep it.

  • Your partner is not excited to see you
  • He prefers to spend time with someone else
  • You feel belittled by your partner more often
  • You start doubting your partner more
  • You suddenly start wishing you could have more space
  • Your partner requests for more time alone
  • Quarrels remain unresolved and linger for long
  • Sex is now more of a routine
  • You blame yourself anytime something goes wrong
  • You stop showing affection in public

Here are the top 22 Signs Signs that Your Relationship is Ending

  1. Your partner does not excite you:

The first sign your relationship is over is when you feel less excited about your partner. Remember when you first started and all you wanted to do was hang out, stay together? Remember how the first thing you do when you see your partner is hugging each other even though you just saw each other 5 minutes ago? Once you notice that you do not feel excited seeing your partner, then it is a sure sign that your relationship has lost it spark and is likely to break up.

  1. You prefer to spend time with someone else:

Do you prefer the company of someone else rather than your partner? Then your relationship is probably not going to last another 3months. Quality time is a pre-requisite for a strong relationship. This is even more difficult if you are in a long-distance relationship. Once you notice that the amount of quality time you are spending with your partner is going down, it might signal that your relationship is doomed to fail from the start.

  1. You see your partner less often

How often did you hang out when you first started. Every day? I guess. How often do you hang out now or see each other in a week?

  1. You feel your partner is way above you

Feeling your partner is on a higher level than you is another sign that you are losing your relationship. This often happens when people feel inferior to their partner due to a lot of reason. Some of these inferiority complexes are self-made, others are introduced by the environment while others are induced by our partners. Once you notice this sign, it means your relationship is on its way out.

  1. You think your partner belittles you

Just as inferiority complexes can make people lose their relationship, so also can having a superiority feeling about your partner make you lose your relationship. Do you suddenly have this weird feeling that your partner does not deserve you? Do you suddenly feel that you are better than your partner?

  1. You start doubting your partner

Trust is a key element of any successful relationship. Often time doubts sets in either through our action or inaction. While trusting blindly is bad, every successful relationship deserves an iota of trust until you can prove otherwise. If you now see yourself doubting your partner sincerity, love or simply feel you are losing the relationship, then it is a sign that the relationship is heading for the rocks

  1. You feel chocked in your relationship

Do you feel you are been choked in the relationship? Do you feel like you are losing your individuality or you are forcing yourself to stay in the relationship? Then it is obvious that you are tired of the relationship and want a way out.

  1. You suddenly fight over things you do not fight over before

Healthy couples disagree. But when you start to disagree over almost everything from what he/she said to what he/she did not say, then it is obvious you are likely to break up soon.

  1. You suddenly have an urge to spend more time with your partner

Would you rather prefer to spend time, chat or daydream about someone else? Then it is a sure tell-tale sign that you are tired of the relationship or have lost interest in the relationship and ready to move on.

  1. You blame yourself every time something goes wrong

Do you find yourself blaming yourself all the time when you have a disagreement with your partner? Do you find yourself wishing if you have done this or done that, probably this silent treatment will be over?

  1. You blame your partner every time something goes wrong

Do you find out that you suddenly blame your partner for everything that goes wrong when you have a disagreement over something? Do you suddenly feel that you are right all the time and that your partner needs to apologize? Then you are on your way out of that relationship.

  1. You start to badmouth your partner every time to everyone else

When we love something, it is usually important that we try to protect it. Sometimes we are even blind to the fact that the person we are in love with is doing something bad. If you find out that you feel comfortable talking about your partner’s faults, then you are likely to break up the relationship for soon.

  1. You show less affection in public

Most people love to be appreciated in public and privately. If you notice that you show less affection in public to your partner, then you are most likely losing interest in the relationship. This is especially true if you are the out-going type and a public show of affection is not something you shy away from.

  1. You have sex less often

The couple who are in love has sex about 3-4 times a week depending on their level of sexual orientation and physical wellbeing. If you notice that your sex life is dying, it is a signal that something is going wrong with the relationship

  1. You think of someone else during sex

If you suddenly find yourself thinking about someone else during sex or wishing that you are having sex with someone else, then you are likely on your way out of that relationship. For some people, it gets so bad that they even mention the person’s name during sex with someone else.

  1. You seem indifference

Indifference is a sure sign that your relationship is over. If you feel indifferent about your partner’s action or inaction, then it is 100% certain that you or your partner care less about the relationship and are willing to let go. If you notice this trait in your relationship, it is important to quickly do an assessment.

  1. Your quarrel starts longer and remains unresolved

It is not a bad thing to quarrel or more preferable to argue in a relationship. The healthy couple argues and may not see eye to eye on issues. But when you feel comfortable quarreling with your partner to the even that 2months, 3 months is going by and everyone is carrying on as if it is normal, then you are definitely going to be out of the relationship soon.

  1. You spend more time on social media but checking our your ex

Do you find out suddenly that you need to check out your ex’s activities online? If you suddenly have this important and urgent need to know if your ex is now in a relationship and is happy, then something might be wrong with your relationship. And worst of all, if you suddenly find yourself feeling bad that your ex is living their life happily without you, then your relationship is heading for the rock.

  1. You lie more often to your partner

Rather than tell your partner the truth, you level about things you are doing, then you are definitely no longer interested in the relationship.

  1. Your level of commitment is reducing.

Do you sense your level of commitment reducing as the month goes by? Do you feel less excited about putting efforts into the relationship? DO you feel like, what will be will be? Do you feel less excited about fighting for what you want?

  1. You start having sex less often and it is now routine

If sex is now a routine and there is no spark, then you are beginning to lose interest in the relationship and is likely to call it to quit.

  1. You have this gut feeling it is over.

One of the most important signs that your relationship is going to end if you suddenly have this instinct that it is over.

When you see some of these signs, they are signs a relationship is doomed from the start. Having a broken relationship is better than having an unhappy one. So if you see yourself or your partner exhibiting any of the signs above, it signals that it is high time you have to conduct a check on yourself to be sure that you still want to stay in the relationship.

No one sign is enough to be a single judge of a failing relationship but if you can accurately pinpoint 1-5 of this, it is an indication of the signs your relationship is failing.

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