What is a Love Relationship

Most of us wonder what is a love relationship?

As we go on living our days lives, we consistently see a need to relate to people on several grounds. As we quite understand that human beings do not exist in a vacuum and thus have a yearning to relate to others across different contexts.

In a close examination of our daily living, we are likely to find ourselves relating with work colleagues, school mates, neighbors, commuters, church members and lots of other people. It is quite a misconception to think we are self-sufficient in a bid to appear confident with a high level of self-esteem because our social nature as human beings requires that we are involved in some form of relationship.

Different relationships exist to fulfil different needs. The need to feel loved, cared for or secured is a common vacuum in the lives of many individuals which can be filled when a love relationship is initiated. A love relationship is desired across different sexes, usually between a male and female. It is worthy of note that relationships other than love could exist between a man and a woman. Such a relationship will then merely exist to fulfil other purposes excluding love.

What does it mean to be in a love relationship?

Two individuals consistently relating to feel the needs of companionship and other benefits as the case maybe are likely to be in a love relationship which could take up on various forms including: romantic, friendship or pure love for the other person (i.e.one that respects and loves unconditionally). Hence, it is not uncommon to hear people say “we need to define our relationship.”

The human nature is underscored with a need to love and be loved. People want to be respected, desired and appreciated. They desire companionship and togetherness (A feeling of never being alone).  Altogether those are positive reinforcements that make life worth living and fun living. As much as these are desired, they are also required. Being close to a particular person, developing intimacy, building friendship and maintaining a deep connection are key indicators that a love relationship exists.

What is true love?

Love relationships could sometimes be plainly romantic and physical without much depth and commitment depending on how it is defined by the individuals involved. So being in a love relationship may not be enough for you if you desire more. A relationship based on true love will offer more.  When true love is present, there’s a deeper feeling of being connected and attached irrespective of what the circumstances are. True love relationships are not set out to be simply romantic, but involve a deep level of commitment and responsibility on the side of both parties. It is not dictated by feelings or views but it’s a conscious effort made to love, respect and support your partner in all situations; Favourable or not. Words like communication, sacrifice, kindness, support, trust, help, forgive, listen and give are important terms that collectively underline relationships where true love is present. Much work and effort is required for such relationships to be sustained. Your understanding of true love and a quick reflection on these 10 signs of a true Love based relationship will guide you as you embark on your search for a love relationship or can form part of your checklist to enhance your current love relationship.

10 signs of true love in a relationship

  1. Talk about everything and anything

At the core of any relationship is communication. Both individuals talk about the good, bad and ugly. They confide in it each other about everything, trusting that the other partner will love them irrespective of whatever is being discussed. They understand that talking about everything brings them closer and helps to enhance understanding between them both.

  1. Absolute respect for each other

Usuall,y it is said that respect is earned but where true love is present, a partner chooses to respect his/her partner in all situations. Respect springs out from a place of understanding, in as much as conflict,s are bound to arise in the relationship due to personal differences.

  1. Commitment of both parties to make the relationship work

Relationships always tend to have their ups and downs. It however requires that both partners give their unrelenting commitment to make it work. Relationships could be hard and tough to sustain as it is prone to different complexities steaming from personality differences, conflicts and other external forces. Hence conscious and continuous effort and hard work is made by both individuals to improve and sustain a healthy relationship.

  1. Care and concern about the welfare of each other.

When true love is present in a relationship, the individuals take time to care for each other and they are dedicated to promoting the welfare and total wellbeing of one another. They care genuinely about each other’s success and progress in life and they give their full support to each other.

  1. See the best in each other in spite of flaws

No human is perfect. Even in love relationships, imperfections are not absent. However, to every negative side, there is a positive one. True love understands this and seeks to see the best in a partner irrespective of flaws and imperfections. Even in the face of flaws, true love requires that partners approach one another in understanding, seeking to help and complement rather than judge.

  1. Forgive wrongs

Individuals in a true love relationship are able to forgive each other in times of conflicts and disagreements to create a healthier relationship. Each individual is able to accept faults and admit when they are wrong, apologize for wrongs committed and let go of hurts. Signs that indicate they have truly forgiven each other emerge from the fact that they try not to remember wrongs or make reference to them.

  1. Sacrifices

Partners who are truly in love are willing to sacrifice and make compromises for the wellbeing of each other. In the relationship, they look for ways to serve each other and are not always quick to use phrases like “me first”, “what of me?” or “I want it like this”. A level of maturity is required for you to be able to put your partner’s interest and needs ahead of yours. However, knowing that a little compromise could improve your relationship may be good enough motivation.

  1. Willing to listen and embrace learning from each other

True love recognizes the strength in each partner and is not always quick to speak but always willing to listen and learn from the wealth of knowledge and experiences that each individual contributes to the relationship.

  1. Absence of competition

Comparison and competition are eliminated and replaced with support and encouragement for one another. Here it is not about being better than the other person or finding ways to be better than the other person. But rather both individuals seek to ensure that each person is at his/her best always and they celebrate the joys and successes of one another.

  1. Patience

Enjoying a relationship where true love is present does not just happen overnight. It takes time and relentless effort. Major aspects of the relationship like openness, trust and true love in every sense of the word are built over time. Learning to love your partner and understand them can only be achieved over time. A high level of patience can therefore not be overlooked in a relationship based on true love.

True love is not a walk in the park. It is a conscious effort made by two individuals looking to achieve their happily ever after. Look out for the signs and walk to achieve it in your present relationship or the one you are to looking to start in the nearest future.


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