What is Valentine’s Day: History, Facts and More

Do you often wonder about what is valentine’s day?

Love is beautiful, that is why I am never ashamed to talk about how February 14 is one of my favorite dates.

I believe it should be everybody’s favorite date as well because love is the most powerful gift to man; one of the things that every human can relate to and desire.

We all want to be loved and we all want to love; it is one of the basic needs of man because it fulfills us.

So, it is no wonder many people accept Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to celebrate love.

What is Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14 annually, a day dedicated to celebrating the beauty of love.

Many people do not limit Valentine’s Day to romantic love. Instead, they celebrate all kinds and expressions of love; familial, platonic and romantic.

That means you can celebrate with your parents, your friends, your colleagues, and even give out to the less privileged.

A Brief History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day originated from ancient Rome; it is celebrated in honor of a Roman Catholic Priest, Saint Valentine, who lived in the 3rd Century.

Many stories abound concerning Valentine but according to the most popular legend, St Valentine was known for secretly performing weddings for Roman soldiers who were forbidden to get married.

During the reign of Emperor Claudius II, a law was passed preventing soldiers from getting married because he believed soldiers should be completely devoted to the service of Rome.

Being a pagan, Claudius also greatly persecuted Christians by creating strict laws restricting their activities.

St Valentine did not only perform secret weddings but he also secretly ministered to Christians.

It was, however, the wedding that won him the reputation of believing in love despite all odds.

He was eventually found out and jailed. In prison, he was said to still care for other prisoners and restored the sight of his judge’s blind daughter.

According to legend, he wrote her a farewell letter before his execution and signed it off with, “From Your Valentine.”

St Valentine was executed on February 14th and so, the celebration of Valentine’s Day is basically to celebrate him as one who recognized the importance of love and was even ready to die because of his belief in love.

However, Valentine’s Day was not proclaimed immediately after his death. It took 200 years after Rome became a Christian city and the catholic church was determined to purge the city of all forms of paganism.

Therefore, the pope abolished the feast of fertility that was celebrated in February and proclaimed February 14 as Saint Valentine’s Day without necessarily linking it to love.

Later, in the middle ages, poet Chaucer linked St Valentine with romantic love. This was the beginning of the celebration of love on February 14 and the tradition soon spread throughout Europe.

To date, it is a day set apart by lovers to specially celebrate their love and some others extend it to other expressions of love.

Although there is no actual public holiday given, lovers find a way to make a festivity out of Valentine’s Day.

Why do people celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated to celebrate the importance of love.

Love is something that cuts across every race, religion, status and ethnicity. Despite our differences, love is a language we can all understand.

So setting a day aside to make loved ones feel special, to assure loved ones that they are always loved is why people celebrate.

Valentine’s Day is a day that evokes happiness and happiness is attractive, so it is not surprising that the world has embraced it.

How do people celebrate Valentine’s Day?

People celebrate Valentine’s Day differently and the celebration is quite different for different cultures.

For people who celebrate with friends and family, they take the time out to spend it with their friends and family and also exchange gifts.

A group of friends could decide to hang out or have a cookout in one of their houses.

Children are also not always left out by parents who want to communicate the importance of the love between parents and children.

But largely, Valentine’s Day is still about romantic love and gifts sharing. You can find various gifts ideas below

Romantic couples share gifts and take time to spend time with each other. Flowers and chocolates are quite popular on this day and the color red is usually the color of the day to depict love.

Another popular tradition is marriage proposals. Many men plan their proposals on February 14 to make the proposal even special.

In conclusion, Valentine’s Day is a very special day of love and definitely worth celebrating. Check ot some popular facts about Valentine’s day

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