why women cheat in a relationship

Why do women cheat in a relationship?

Studies have shown that about 62% of women who cheat do so because they are not in love with their partners and 14% of women in a relationship cheats on their partner?

For many years, men were at the receiving end of being accused as being cheats and some women even believe all men cheat. The reason for this is probably societal double standards in justifying a man cheating while condemning that of the woman.

Whatever the case, it will be a gross fallacy to think only men cheat. There are some signs of a failing relationship which most people ignore which can lead to cheating in both men and women.

This relationship advice article will tell you why women also cheat and they have been cheating as long as men – probably not in the same proportion.


So why do women cheat?

There are probably so many reasons why women cheat. Most people, in all honesty, have reasons why they do what they do. Even murderers usually have a reason why they felt they should take somebody’s life.

We might argue that no reason is justified enough to take someone’s life or to cheat on your partner if they are in a love relationship. But it doesn’t change the fact that in such a person’s mind, the reason is justified.

So what are the reasons why a woman would consider cheating on her partner?

Top 12 Reasons Why Women Cheat In A Relationship

  1. Sense of Adventure
  2. High Expectation
  3. The Grass is greener on the other side
  4. Low Self Esteem
  5. Commitment Phobia
  6. Attention Starved
  7. Sex Starved
  8. The Good Guy Syndrome
  9. Money
  10. Menopausal Hormonal Changes
  11. Revenge
  12. Physical Attraction

Let us now dive into these reasons one by one.


#1: Sense of Adventure:

This might sound really harsh and not something many men would associate with women but the honest truth is some women cheat simply as a form of adventure. They like the thrill of eating the forbidden fruit, the thrill of experiencing the risk of being caught or just simply to spice up their life. There are certain people who find enjoyment in experiencing the spice and fun that being in a honeymoon stage of a relationship brings. The truth is that after a few months, most relationships lose that thrill that they started out with because life catches up with them or they feel relaxed with their partner and see no reason to try to impress them. Some women, however, want that feeling always, so they get with someone new all the time in order to get it.

#2: High Expectation:

Some women set out in a relationship having a higher expectation of their partner than he can give. Some might expect perfection or certain traits and when they don’t see it in the partner, they set out to look for someone new who can fulfil that expectation that they are looking for. It could mean that they would get in the habit of cheating in their bid to find such a man or it could be that they get lucky and find what they are looking for. Whatever the case, having certain expectations and not getting it can push women to cheat.

#3: The Grass is greener on the other side:

No matter who we get into a relationship with, there will always be someone richer, more handsome, more fun and more everything in the world. Some women cheat because they found someone that is presumably better than their partner. They see a certain man who is everything or supposedly everything their partner is not and for some reason, they want that and go for it.

#4: Low Self Esteem:

Low self esteem can push some women to cheat. Psychologists say that players are usually insecure people who need validation from more than one person. While this is probably not the case for every player, it is true that insecurity could be a reason why someone cheats. Some women who don’t feel loved by their partner or need to feel they are special might find that feeling with someone other than their partner. It could be a way to reassure themselves that someone else, besides their partner finds them interesting.

#5: Commitment Phobia: There are many people who for some reason or the other are scared of making a commitment. But probably due to the pressure of a relationship being a natural course of things, they might get into a relationship. However, their fear gets the best of them; they panic and look for a way to get out of the commitment by cheating. For some people, instead of having to deal with being in a committed relationship, they rather deal with multiple because then, they do not have to commit to any one of them.

#6: Attention Starved:

Women have always been said to be more emotional than men. Some women cheat when they don’t get the needed attention (emotional and sometimes, physical) of their partner. As a matter of fact, there are many women who cheat emotionally and not necessarily physically. Sometimes, men are there physically but not in tune with their woman’s emotions and sometimes, men get so engrossed with work and making money that they forget to give their woman attention. In dealing with this, some women stray to feed that emotional or physical void left by their partner.

#7: Sex Starved:

This can be addressed in two ways; either sex-starved or sexual incompatibility. Life pressures of due to libido differences where the man is on the low side and the woman on the high side can sometimes be bad for the sex life of a couple. Also, there are certain sexual behaviours that certain people might be into that if they don’t get that, it will affect their sexual satisfaction. In a situation where the man is not able to keep up with the sexual needs of the woman or where their sexual differences are not properly reconciled, some women cheat for those reasons. They could stray, not necessarily because they no longer have feelings for their partner, but in order to simply satisfy their sexual need.

#8: The Good Guy Syndrome:

There is a general saying that women love bad boys and maybe even boys like bad girls. This is most likely because of the sense of excitement that trails these people. The sense of danger around them excites even the best of people, sometimes. It can be really attractive. Due to this reason, women who are in a relationship with a “good guy” that is always associated with boredom might want to find excitement and adventure in the arms of a bad boy. And in some cases, it is the bad boys who seduce the girls using all their bad boy streak.

#9 Money:

Women can also cheat because of money. For many years, the narrative was that women were the receiver while the man was to be the giver. The masculinity of the man was determined by his ability to give. So many women became more inclined to stay with the man who was the highest bidder and who had enough to take care of them. So even if they were in a previous relationship but they saw a man who had more to give to them, they could get with that man for the benefit. On the flip side, now that women are getting independent and making their own money, some women cheat because they can. They are no longer dependent, so they can be more inclined to a one night stand or just a display of power to show that if men can do it, so can they.

#10: Menopausal Hormonal Changes:

Menopausal changes, either pre or post can cause some women to cheat. The hormonal changes can increase the libido and sex drive of some women, making them likely to cheat more, especially if their husband is not able to keep up with their new sex drive.

#11: Revenge:

Some women cheat as revenge to their philandering partners. As the saying goes, “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. When a woman is scorned and furious, her anger might cause more damage. One of the ways some women shoe their anger on a cheating partner is by also cheating to show him they can do same or even better and make him feel what exactly they felt as well.

#12: Physical Attraction:

It could also be as simple as the fact that they see a man who looks good and they are attracted to him. Sometimes, it is as simple as attraction. It is not always as a result of one deep reason, a woman can cheat just because she likes what she sees and she will like to get with it.

If women cheat, then how long do we expect the relationship to last?

The fact is women cheat and for a lot of reasons. It cannot be determined how long the affair last or will last as the case may be. Some would cheat because of a certain reason and if that issue is cleared, they can turn faithful again and some might just be serial cheat who do not see any point in changing.

In some cases, the one they are having the affair with might share resemblance with their partner and other times, it might be someone that looks completely different.

All these factors are dependent on the reason why the woman is cheating and the psychology of the woman herself. This is why it is important to know the possible reasons why women cheat, so the man can make informed decisions.


Since the average human can only process 7 information at once, here are the 7 reasons why we think women cheat:

  1. Sense of Adventure
  2. High Expectation
  3. Sex Starved
  4. The Good Guy Syndrome
  5. Money
  6. Revenge
  7. Physical Attraction

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